Handmade fresh chocolate truffles, infused with totally natural ingredients. Freshly made to order and delivered to your door.

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Cocoa&Jo create small batch handmade fresh chocolates.

We specialise in making fresh chocolate truffles using quality single origin Belgian chocolate infused with totally natural ingredients. Our chocolates are palm oil free and we don’t add any artificial flavourings, or preservatives.

Each truffle is rolled and dipped by hand to create imperfectly round but perfectly yummy chocolates. Truffles were never meant to be spherical anyway!

Rolled and dipped by hand... imperfectly round but perfectly yummy chocolates!

What are fresh chocolates?

Unlike long-life chocolates typically found on supermarket shelves, fresh chocolates don’t contain artificial preservatives. Our truffles are made with a fresh double cream ganache infused with raw ingredients. 

Preservative-free chocolates taste more natural and have a beautiful smooth texture and rich flavour, once you’ve tried them it’ll be difficult to go back!

Our fresh chocolates will keep for 2-3 weeks, but the sooner you eat them the better they taste which is why we make them fresh to order just a day or so before we pop them in the post to you.

New collection

Introducing the Classic Collection

Created especially for purists, the Classic collection features milk, dark and white chocolate truffles made with high quality single origin chocolate blended with fresh double cream to make a smooth ganache centre which is hand-coated in a crisp layer of chocolate. And that’s it. Simple, classic, and available to order all year round.