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About us

Cocoa&Jo creates small batch handmade chocolates. 

We specialise in making fresh chocolate truffles using quality single origin Belgian chocolate infused with totally natural ingredients. We don’t add any essences, oils, artificial flavourings or preservatives. 

Each truffle is rolled and dipped by hand to create imperfectly round but perfectly yummy chocolates. Truffles were never meant to be spherical anyway!

The idea for Cocoa&Jo started when Jo was at her home in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, looking after her toddler and dreaming up ideas for how she could work with one of her favourite things in the world: chocolate. So, she spent many hours in the kitchen in the evenings, throwing chocolate about and playing around with flavours; teaching herself how to make truffles. It was simply cocoa and Jo, which gave us our name.....

Truffles were never meant to be spherical anyway!

If it’s just ‘Cocoa’ and ‘Jo’ then why all the ‘we’ talk on this website? Well, there has been a LOT of help, reassurance and encouragement from family and friends in setting up this venture; it is certainly not a one-woman-band.

We believe that good chocolate shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure, a little of what you fancy is really nice. So, take a minute to enjoy one of our truffles as (arguably, the best) part of a balanced diet, knowing they are made with high quality ingredients and care.